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Film Teaming

“Walk over the red carpet and receive your well earned Oscar Award”

Making this movie will make me think twice! In teams equipped with video cameras, the assignment is to make an Action Movie that promotes your company with Amsterdam as theme and scene. Each team member will have his task; director, scriptwriters, make-up, actors… The teams will fight for the glory and fame that can be won by winning an Oscar Award.

The teams will fight for the following categories:

1.     Best Film
2.     Best Comedy
3.     Best Drama
4.     Best Corporate

OSCAR GALA (optional)
During a gala the films will be exposed in order to select the winners of each category. Price winning teams will be invited to present their video and receive their well deserved trophy. The public and jury will decide who will enter the hall of fame.

TIME              4-6 hours
LOCATION     Amsterdam and locations on request

Civilization Challenge

“The strongest are not the ones that are big or fast, but those who best adapt to their environment”

Did lost civilizations conceal secret knowledge and wisdom? Did they hope that it might be discovered by worthy and skillful heirs? The Egyptians, Aztecs and other civilizations carefully concealed markers and caches of knowledge for the enlightenment of those skillful enough to uncover them. Teams undertake the challenge to recover lost wisdom as modern explorers who must follow the guidelines set by the ancients in a perilous journey of adventure and discovery.

The Civilization challenge is a great way to let teams show off their creative flair while working toward a common goal. In the Civilization program teams will be given the task of building the most impressive structure they can muster as a shelter for their new civilization. The different tribes will have to cooperate with the other tribes to build up again the civilization. Tribes will have to find the different secret places where they have to fulfill for Mother Nature different kind of activities.

•       Teambuilding, communication, ability, action, brain teasing, etc.

TIME                3 hours
LOCATION       Amsterdamse Bos (Forest of Amsterdam) and locations on request

Amsterdam Upside Town

“You may find sides of Amsterdam you normally would not see. While exploring Amsterdam you will be given different tasks and questions to answer”

Pedestrian Town rally competition “Amsterdam Upside Town”. A stimulating tour on foot through Amsterdam. The tour takes the teams on a diverting walk past all the important sights of the city. In this way, those taking part get to know the rich history of the magnificent town centre in an entertaining way. Teams will be challenged by this competition to be the first to finish all activities and assignments.

•       GPS, orientation, historic and cultural visits, team teasing, etc.

TIME                3-4 hours to a whole day
LOCATION       Center of Amsterdam and locations on request

Crime Scene Amsterdam

Something terrible happened in Amsterdam! A body is found in the center of the city. The police don’t know what to do and is clueless. Fortunately your team is willing to help the local police by collecting or analyzing evidence and traces. Do you find enough leads to continue or is your investigation on a dead end? There are also some witnesses but they are not willing to talk with the police… Can you make them talk? And will your team be able to solve the case? You will find out with Crime Scene Amsterdam!

•       Teambuilding, communication, orientation, action, brain teasing, etc.

TIME                3-4 hours
LOCATION       Center of Amsterdam

Crazy Olympics

Fun is guaranteed with the Crazy Olympics. With the helpof sports, team builders and relaxing activities we will find out which team deserves eternal glory and honor. All the teams will make their own flag and anthem before they start the games. You will be amazed by the competitive spirit that awakes within the teams. The activities of the Crazy Olympics depend on the size and profile of the group. From pure sports to games with motorized or inflatable objects, everything is possible. The winners willbe awarded with a golden medal and Champaign.

•       Teambuilding, sport, brain teasing, competition, etc.

TIME                3 hours to a whole day
LOCATION       On request


The Runners versus the Spotters…. Is it possible for the Runners to complete their tasks while the Spotters try to locate them? The Spotters will try to catch the Runners by using materials like GPS, walkie talkies, Binoculars and maps.

•       Teambuilding, adventure, navigation, GPS, etc.

TIME                3 hours
LOCATION       Amsterdamse Bos (Forest of Amsterdam) and other locations on request

Geo Teaming

Geo Teaming is a modern version of the classic Treasure Hunt.With the help of GPS you will search for checkpoints in an unknown territory. While searching for the checkpoints, there is a chance to get all kinds of assignments which need to be completed in order to get to the next checkpoint.

•       Teambuilding, orientation, navigation, communication, brain teasing, GPS, etc.

TIME                3-4 hours
LOCATION       On request

Geo Explore

This is an adventure that crosses the evolution of navigation and orientation. By learning and trying different navigation techniques, the teams will be able to solve the questions that lead them trough this special adventure.

•       Teambuilding, orientation, navigation, communication, brain teasing, GPS, etc.

TIME                3-4 hours
LOCATION       On request

Expedition Experience

Your team will explore an unknown area while receiving news and orders from base camp. This information will help your team to complete your Expedition Experience. The capacity to make priorities and taking decisions is what the Expedition Experience asks from contestants. Are you able to find the way and complete the tasks given?

•       Teambuilding, orientation, navigation, communication, GPS, etc.

TIME                3-4 hours
LOCATION       On request

Survival Experience

Survival is the limit of human resistance. In a natural environment the team must build their base and realize necessary activities to ensure their existence. Your team will have to do it with just basic material available in the area you are staying. Can you survive without modern luxury?

•       Teambuilding, orientation, navigation, communication, construction, cooking, etc.

TIME                4 hours to multiple days
LOCATION       On request

Also available:
· Paintball
· Jeep 4×4 Experience
· Photo Hunt
· Balloon flight
· Dropping
· Spy Games
· Farmer Games
· Workshops
· Laser gaming
· Special Events
· Custom made events 

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